It’s BACK TO SCHOOL in La Paz. Our high school and elementary school students began February 5th and our university and technical students started shortly after. We have been ever so busy in the office interviewing our new students and reregistering our old students as they bring in their grades. 

We have great news this month. Our deaf student, Gonzalo, who finished Gastronomy last December 2017, together with his deaf brother and two other friends, has now opened his own pizzeria, PIZZA FRAGATA  (Pizza of Silence) in La Paz. The Helping Hands team was unanimous in their evaluation that this was the best pizza they had ever tasted. For those of you who live in La Paz, or plan to visit, you can savor this delight in Miraflores, Mercado Haiti, Calle Haiti #1237, or visit their Facebook Page They are open from 5:00pm to 11:00pm.


Left to right: Linda, Gonzalo, Reyna, Fabiola, Janneth, Maria Rosa, Elba, Maria Eulogia


  • We are in great need of new sponsors for our many new students this year. Sponsorships start at $us 20 per month for high school students. Please visit our SPONSORSHIP page to meet our students needing sponsors.
  • Jiovani, one of our high school students, has won a soccer scholarship to train with one of Bolivia’s top teams, ALWAYS READY of the STRONGEST.  However, he must go on the bus three times a week for almost two hours each way to reach the training stadium. Jiovani and his younger sister and brother are being raised by elderly grandparents who cannot provide the $US 20 per month for the transportation expenses.  We are looking for a sponsor or some one-time donations to provide for Jiovani’s transortation.  Donations accepted at mydonate or betterplace.  
  • We also welcome one time donations at our mydonate site or the betterplace site as this gives us much flexibility in accepting new students.  One time donations supplement our sponsorships, our medical fund and our food supplementation program for our four families in need. 


  • A big THANK YOU is well overdue for SEDEGES and the Mendez Arcos boys’ home who have provided us with their auditorium and sports facility for our monthly meetings. Our February meeting was a wonderful opportunity for our new students to integrate with the older students and also with the 20 boys of the Mendez Arcos home, as they are always invited to our activities. Our ice-breaker activities were very successful. 
  • Reyna and Dayana cooked for our first Wednesday lunch of the year. 
  • Everyone brought something to eat at our APTHAPI in February. 
  • Our former Linguistics student, Cristina, visited us with her new baby. Cristina graduated in 2016. 
  • Happy Birthdays to students Jocelin, Nathaly, Denilson and Limber!! 
  • See more pictures in our album January-February
We thank every one of you for making this all possible!!
— Linda Zarate (Project Director)

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