May and June were busy months again at Helping Hands. One of our exciting events was the visit of Sophia and Matt from England. Matt was a volunteer with the Project in 2003 when he was 18!! So lovely to see you both and have you for lunch at the office. 

A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU as well for Jasper, Jenn and Flinn for their donation to help with fresh food for our five families. 

CONGRATULATIONS  this month to four of our students, NathalyJocelinIsrael and Lizeth for their pre-graduation ceremonies.  They all graduate from high school this year. 




THANK YOU SO MUCH to our Canadian friend, a doctor, who is now sponsoring Genesis in her medical studies.  

We would like to HIGHLIGHT another one of our medical students, Rita, who is now in her 7th semester of studies. Rita needs 83 Euros a month to pay for her rent and transportation.  Help for one month, or any amount whatsoever, would be great.  Donations can be made on Betterplace or Mydonate.

Only 60 euros to go to complete our budget for fresh food for our five families for 2018. To see some of our families with their food supplementation go to Betterplace . THANK YOU SO MUCH!


  • See our grade 5 students, Daniel and Deivis, in the blue and white hats, as they dance at their school anniversary celebrations in their village.   
  • At our May meeting, Carlos led our theatre workshop on different forms of harassment. Sonia played the part of an overbearing and intolerant teacher. 
  • Our June meeting was at the “House of Nobody”, in Spanish, La Casa de les Ningunes and was all about taking care of the environment for our future.  You might want to glance at several of these pictures to see the home made solar panelwhat 2080 might be like,  or how to make a homemade dry shampoo
  • On May 20th, 18 of our mothers enjoyed a Mother’s Day tea with gifts of flowers, chocolate and food supplies. Our good friend Marcelo from Marie Stoppes spoke to the ladies about birth control.   The mothers enjoyed this talk so much that they asked for another talk…this time on the menopause. 
  • See more pictures in our album May-June
We thank every one of you for making this all possible!!
— Linda Zarate (Project Director)

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