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49 of the Helping Hands students and 16 staff and volunteers participated in the local charity walk, CAMINANDO POR LA VIDA organized by the Fundación San Luis, which also supports Helping Hands. The walk finances treatment for poor children with cancer.  A BIG THANKS and CONGRATULATIONS to all.  See our short video of the walk and lots of pictures on our facebook page.

CONGRATULATIONS,  Iver for graduating from your three year programme in Gastronomy.  We are looking forward to some fancy lunches!!
THANK YOU so much to those of you who helped support our medical fund and the students without sponsors with one time donations.


  • Health care is out of the reach of many people in Bolivia. At Helping Hands we provide health care for our students so they can complete their programmes of study. We need lots of help with our medical fund which has run dry this year with three operations and a long hospital stay. To give a helping hand to our medical fund, visit Betterplace  or mydonate.
  • Our Christmas Party is coming up on December 17th and we would like to provide hot chocolate and goodies for our students and their children. To help with the Christmas party visit Betterplace.
  • We still have several students without sponsors. Sponsorships or one time donations toward these young people would be very welcome. 


  • Thanks to our Physical Education student, Grober, we were able to enjoy a sports day with badmintonvolleyball and soccer.  Grober started with warm up activities with everyone joining in.  Thanks to the Mendez Arcos for giving us the space.
  • Welcome and THANK YOU to our Spanish volunteer Enrique who is helping us for three months with our fundraising.  
  • Welcome to German, a former Helping Hands student, who came to visit while he was in La Paz.
  • Ysamar reported on her trip to Alto Beni with her class where they studied about cacao.
  • Thanks to Angel who arranged an excursion to the Moon Valley for several of our students.
  • See more pictures in our album September and October.

UPDATE ON PEDRO: Pedro now has his contact lenses, thanks to so many of you.

We thank every one of you for making this all possible!!
— Linda Zarate (Project Director)

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