Thank you for your interest! There´s an easy way to sponsor one of our students. In just 5 minutes you can complete the whole sponsoring process to support your student monthly, by semester or yearly. Follow these three simple steps and offer your student the opportunity to study and realize his or her dreams.



Having committed to sponsoring one of our students, you will receive...

  • A letter every six months written by your student, including up-to-date photos of them.
  • A personalised Christmas card.
  • A twice yearly report from our founder explaining exactly how your money has been spent and how your student is progressing. 

1. Choose a student

Please have a look through our wonderful students below who are in need of a sponsor. The symbols below their photos show where they need support. For more information, please click on their photo.

2. Let us know which student you´d like to support

Your sponsorship would mean the world to one of our students! Please fill in the following form to inform us of your commitment.

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3.  begin your sponsorship

Choose your country and follow the instructions on the corresponding websites:

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Muchas Gracias for making all of this possible!
— Linda Zarate (Project Director)