We thank all of our friends and supporters so very much for making this new venture on GlobalGiving a success for Helping Hands.  As we write this newsletter we now have 39 donors of the 40 required for a permanent spot on GlobalGiving and $US 4433 of the $US 5000 needed for the permanent spot.  We think that we might even reach our project goal of $US 7500 for the 27 girls. 

Thank you all for giving a helping hand and for giving us HOPE!!

If you have not yet donated and would like to, this is the link to our project on GlobalGiving.


PS: September 19 is a special day for giving as there are bonus prizes on that day. We will send a reminder. 


Project news:

  • CONGRATULATIONS to Milta who graduated as an Agronomical Engineer from the Universidad Catolica Boliviana in August this year. The best of luck to you Milta and your bee keeping project.


  • During the school mid-year vacation the younger children had an excursion to the Museum of Natural History to see the DINOSAURS!!  A fun day!

  • And the high school students took a trip to the Tiawanaku Museum and the Planetarium and  then enjoyed pizza for lunch. 

  • At our July meeting everyone learned how to write better letters. Thanks Vania, a university professor, for giving us a hand. 

  • Welcome to Elena from Spain, and thank you so much for donating clothes and other items for our students. 

  • The firemen, or BOMBEROS in La Paz, came to give us advice on safety with fire.  It was very interesting for the students and we learned so much, especially about fire extinguishers. 

  • Several of our students took advantage of our outing to the annual Book Fair in La Paz.  This year there were many special activities for the children. 

  • Lots of students and their families found special treasures with our used clothing before the August meeting. 

We thank every one of you for making this all possible!!
— Linda Zarate (Project Director)

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