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Lots of big news for our March - April newsletter. We were very happy to receive Patrick and Loren and their two children Aidan and  Elaine from the Tarom Foundation. They are the proud sponsors of 7 students at Helping Hands and we are so very grateful to them.

Congratulations to Ruth who graduated in April in Education Sciences at the Universidad Catolica Boliviana. Her graduation represents several years of sacrifice and hard work.  Way to go, Ruth!!

Another visitor, Mike, from Germany, visited Helping Hands in April and donated lots of fresh food for our 5 needy families.  Thanks, Mike, for getting us off to a good start this year.

A huge thank you to the Guild Against Poverty students at the American Cooperative School who gathered up donations of dry goods for our 5 needy families for the rest of the year. What a super job well done!


We need HELP to buy fresh milk, eggs, quinua, peanuts, fruits and vegetablesto add to the monthly food baskets of our five families in need. It costs 100 Euros ($US 119) to provide the five families with this extra protein, vitamins and minerals for one month so that the children are in condition to attend school. Any amount at all is very welcome. Donations can be made on Betterplace, or Mydonate.

We would like to HIGHLIGHT a new student, Genesis, who has gained admittance to the University Mayor de San Andres in Medicine. Only about 5% of applicants pass the exam to enter.  She needs a sponsor to help with $US 40 per month to cover her transportation, books and school materials. Her studies will be free.

Several of our high school and elementary students still need sponsorships of about $US 20 per month. Please visit our SPONSORSHIP page to meet our students needing sponsors.  

Good news.. Jiovani now has the funds needed for transportation to take advantage of his soccer scholarship!!!!! Thanks to all those who helped


  • To start off the month of March, 8 of our students finishing their studies this year went on our annual trip to meet the ocean. What an eye opener!
  • In March a group of students took a hike to the reservoir above the city. Beautiful day.
  • Thank you, Marcelo, from Marie Stopes, for the very well received March talk on “Preventing Teenage Pregnancy”.
  • Thank you, Debora, also from Marie Stopes for the informative and well-presented April talk on “Promoting respect and non-violence in romantic involvements.”
  • See more pictures in our album March and April.
We thank every one of you for making this all possible!!
— Linda Zarate (Project Director)

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