We wish you a Happy Healthy New Year 2019

Meet our 34 students who graduated or finished their coursework this year.Congratulations to all our students!!


SUCH AN EXCITING YEAR!!  of our high school students graduated from secondary school and 14 post-secondary students finished their studies with Helping Hands in 2018.  

As well, 11 of our students from 2016 and 2017 defended their thesis and graduated formally. In Bolivia an undergraduate student “egresses” from the university after finishing his/her coursework, but must then do a thesis and defend it in order to graduate and receive a diploma or title. This can take up to two years more for students of scarce economic means. The Bolivian system is tedious and demands years of sacrifice and hard work from the students, especially those living in precarious situations. 


Thanks to the support from our sponsors and donors via GlobalGiving, 30 of our 31 GlobalGiving girls completed successfully their school year. 2 of the post-secondary girls, Esther and Ayda, finished their programs of study in Early Childhood Education and Commerce, and another 5 will finish this year 2019.
Of our GlobalGiving high school students, 4 finished high school this year and one girl, Leidy, has been accepted into a university scholarship program. Another student, Nataly, is hoping to begin Veterinary studies in February.  2 of the girls are still deciding on what to study.
We thank you all so very much for your support that has allowed our Globalgiving girls to do so well.  With 15 new girls coming into the project, we are in need of funding for 2019. Please consider a onetime donation or a monthly donation to help support our girls. Click here to help us continue our support for these girls.
PS: Helping Hands is scheduled to appear on the homepage of GlobalGiving on January 15th. Hope you have a chance to check it out.


  • Thank you so much to WSCS who provided Christmas bread (paneton) for all the students at the Christmas Party

  • Special thanks to Hilson, our recently graduated deaf student, who lead the November meeting to teach us all about sign language.  

  • Those super ACS students were at it again and donated much needed food supplies for some of our families.  THANKS AGAIN. 

  • Our new graduate, Paola, came by the office and brought goodies for tea to thank the Project for its support. 

  • Tatiana, one of our Law students travelled with her class to Peru to learn about the court system there. 

We thank every one of you for making this all possible!!
— Linda Zarate (Project Director)

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